Tippy–seen the light…

I certainly hope so.  In the interest of being nice, and knowing that if I were in TT’s shoes (well, I wouldn’t EVER have been, but I digress), I would want the negative attention to go away once I realized how duped and used I was.  So I’m deleting this blog post.  And now…


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The Kimpire Begins to Crumble

tv pic

Click image.  Watch video.  Enough said.  Be sure to catch the second installment tonight… BRAVO!!!!

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Tick Tock Tick Tock

we know

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EX-Supporters of Kimkins…

If you’ve been banned, I’d like to hear from you. Want your story and why you were banned, in your opinion. Did you get a refund? Did you get a response?

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Losing Friends and Gaining Self

There is much going on in the Kimkins saga–both on the inside and the out.  All superfluous, really, to the member at Kimkins, who believes invariably that this is extraneous to the task at hand–losing weight.  So, I won’t address all that here–there are plenty of blogs you can visit and use to catch up. 

 No matter where you are in your journey in weight loss and membership–whether you are a staunch supporter or on the fence–I want you to reflect on why you joined.  What were the influences that led you to click “join” on the site?  Then I want you to visit two blogs:



And then reflect on what type of person would have a problem with these two wonderful women and why.  It’s not a big leap. 

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I am not attacking anyone…

when I posted *insert reaction words here* (the first post).  I used the quote “rumors and more rumors” to refer to the thread.  I would so love to get back to our little thread, our circle of friends, and support each other until goal.  But if we can’t speak freely about what we are seeing on the site, about what we think about those rumors, true or not, then we are perpetuating a sham.  A SHAM.  Because we can’t be ourselves, we can’t be supportive, we can’t resolve the PINK ELEPHANT that is right there in the thread with us.  What I wrote, here, and in the LC scoop thread was my opinion as well….the “rumors and more rumors” thread is in no danger of being deleted.  Why should it be?  That’s great, but I disagree with you, but I didn’t (and don’t) have the luxury of posting MY opinion of the whole thing.  How fair is that?  I paid as much as you did for the site.  But b/c my views are different AND b/c I defended a 14 year old girl this evening (want to see the thread–it’s deleted but I have a copy), I get banned.  NOT the RUDE obnoxious people.  ME.  And another.  How’s that for negativity–I tried to stop it, and it’s see ya, KIM, thanks for your money, remember that lifetime thing?  Uh, didn’t really mean THAT….

 P.S.  You did read the NEXT post, right?  Comments on THAT one?

 ETA:  Wait, did I say anyone?  That excludes the site owner, whomever that really is…

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I’m Banned?

I am banned my friends. No reason given. See what voicing your opinions gets you in Kimmerville? Don’t think I won’t be getting a refund. I will.

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*insert reaction words here* Part Two

We that have been fat at one time of our lives or another, or who have been for the majority of our time here on this planet are suckers.  We are.  We could go on and on here about why we are suckers and why we are fat and our self esteem issues and our denial and how easy it is just to be fat and not care and how it ISN’T really easy and how we really DO care when we want to wear those cute clothes or at least ENJOY shopping for ourselves instead of feeling as if we have to hide from the world or be judged as having a lack of self-control or as if we are not as worthy as someone who is not fat.  That is a book.  Several (hundreds), in fact, and it warrants reflection on our part as humans and children of a Higher Power.  But that is not my focus.  Mostly not.

For us, Kimkins was a beacon in a sea of fog.  A way.  A path to follow.  A guide to how to achieve our worthiness.  After all, isn’t that what we really aspire to feel?  Worthy?  We ARE realistic–it’d be great to look like a VS model–flat abs, tight ass, hottness all around–but most of us know that isn’t in our future.  We just want to FINALLY feel good about ourselves and comfortable in our bodies.  Worthy.  Kimkins was our magic pill, our answer to this quest, our saving grace.  Grateful is too little a word for how we feel about this find.  Blessed.  Saved from ourselves and our unworthiness. 

So when we see dissenters, and their comments and their suggestions and their rejection of something that has so clearly been a saving grace to us, it offends.  It offends BIG.  We write it off as jealousy or hate or idle time wasted.  We don’t listen.  We don’t see.  We defend what we TRULY believe.  After all, the person that showed us this path is just like us.  We can identify with her.  She’s sharing her story, her path, her saving grace with us, and we admire and are grateful to her.  She’s the reason we found the path in the first place. 

Is she just like us?  Is she?  Really?  How do we know?  Pictures of her don’t matter, because, well, many of us know the feeling of losing weight only to gain it back and then some.  WE UNDERSTAND that.  We might even understand lying about it.  We understand the feeling of unworthiness.  We rally to her side because we know how she feels to be humiliated, to be scorned for being fat. 

Wait.  Stop.  Hold on. 

 Isn’t she the same person who posted that you could fast until goal?  Isn’t she the same person who has said she’s kept it off and “maintained” at a weight of 118?  Isn’t she the same person who promised a maintenance plan?  How can we have a maintenance plan if we don’t have ANYONE, not even the OWNER/FOUNDER who has maintained?  She said it was healthy….yet how does she know?  Isn’t she the same person who is admittedly hypothyroid?  How do we know the consequences of what she wants us to do?  And sure, I believe that Kimkins can be done as a leaner version of Atkins–not going low calorie.  But is that what she’s recommended?  She, this site founder, has posted to cut calories more and more.  She has belittled (we say tell it like it is, b/c hey, we’re fat, we deserve it) our efforts, questioned our honesty about what we eat,  and told us to eat less.  And we THANK her for it!  Those who question such advice?  They get the boot before they cause too much trouble.  And instead of sticking by our great support network, which we argue is NOT Kimmer, but the valuable people on the site, we ditch the dissenters, tell them if they don’t like it, go away, delete their posts and rally around the mother hen as if she will like us more because of it!   Kimmer is playing us against each other!  Under the guise of keeping a positive environment for our lovely forum posters, she deletes “negative nancies” and bans them from posting again.  We are being her “friend” by sticking by her, no matter what, and what does she do if she doesn’t like what you want to know?  SHE BANISHES YOU.  You who DARE question the authority.  It IS her site, by god.  Well, it is her site because YOU fund it.  AND honest, caring, and lovely people are being banned b/c they wanted ANSWERS.  THE TRUTH.  And they are scrubbed out of the picture because of it.  What she is running is a business.  A BUSINESS.  Not a church.  Not a social club.  She is TAKING MONEY RIGHT THIS MINUTE with a picture on her website that is not her.  If you want to argue that, then I will point out that she is using the likenesses of Deni and Christin, knowing full well that they HAVE LEFT b/c of her evasiveness.   LEAVING means no longer supporting.  Yet she still has them as her examples.  

Why do we keep saying that it works?  “The diet works.”   The diet is not “the diet” when we tweak it so that it doesn’t cause our hair to fall out, or cause us to be dizzzy, or sick, or obsessive about what we eat.  What SHE advocates can KILL YOU.  IT can harm your body.  Repairable?  Maybe?  WHO KNOWS?  I’ve lost 60 lbs.  Do I say it works?  No.  I can’t stick to it.   It has taken me a year to get where I am.  Not 4 months.  For the longest time, I ragged on myself that it was my self-discipline that was to blame…but consider that it ISN’T our fault that this diet is so “hard” to stick to.  Maybe it is hard to stick to, because it is BAD FOR US.  We are blaming ourselves for our inability to get started, restart, stick with it, maintain, not gain, etc.  Reflect on this.  REALLY.  You can say–look at Christin.  She did it.  She’s fine.  Oh really?  I don’t think that hair loss and lack of a menstrual cycle are fine.  Our bodies react to the bad things we do to it.  There are some who say, well, get there fast and then it will be okay.  Will it?  Do you know?  For sure?  Will you bet your health on it? 

Kimmer is no better than anyone else who exploits those of us with small self-esteem.  She tells us its our fault if we don’t lose.  She is NOT on our side.  She is on HERS and hers ALONE.  I don’t expect all to see this or believe it….yet. 

For some–they aren’t willing to let go of the dream, the path.  I understand this and yet I am disheartened by it, because if there are those that are defending her even NOW, then Kimmer is still allowed to pull the strings of others’ lives, thus empowering her even further.  And there are still people embarking on the path, unaware.  This is why the site MUST come down.  It must and it will. 

I leave you with this thought:  to be deceived is one thing–but to me, nothing is worse than self-deception.  Kimmer will have to look at herself in the mirror and face her TRUTH–whether in her mirror or her Maker’s.  But we all have the opportunity to look in our own, and see that it is us that matter–and how we choose to be treated.

I, for one, choose not to be lied to and deceived by a fraud. 

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*insert reaction words here*

Knew it’d get deleted.  What can you do?  *sound of whip keeping all the little posters in line*

 I am in a state of shock, I guess.  Shock–that will have to be the word for it.  Over what?  The unbelievable denial that many are in over the “rumors and more rumors.”  It is akin to sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “la la la la la la.”  That is what all those who stay and say “who cares?” are doing.  And I risk putting myself at odds with some dear friends over this, but I have to say something, or I might just explode.   So many thoughts swirling and so much to organize and say.  I will start with these quotes from VERY insightful people: 

its about time they give themselves credit not Kimmer. 

It is the member support, not the URL, that make it work.

So, to me that’s a kick Kimmer out and we’d have a great place to be.  But we can’t do that.  We can’t ban her for giving crappy advice (“you don’t need more calories”).  We can’t ban her for lying LYING LYING LYING (do I have to shout here) about Becky’s departure OR her treatment of Christin for doing her job (see her blog post from today).  Or for allowing teens (LIED about it).  She’s created her little world where she’s Queen, and she banishes/exiles those who dare question or oppose her.  This wouldn’t be a legal state of affairs in the good ol USA politically speaking….why do we tolerate such totalitarianism online?  When we PAID for it? 

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My Post to Kimmer

Kimmer started a thread in which she posted:

I’ve tried to be nice. I’ve tried to let people have their say. I’ve had enough. No more negativity posts. If you hate me or Kimkins, there’s plenty of “Kimmer Smackdown” websites to frequent — please go.Troublemakers will be banned. End of story.

Troublemakers?  Truth seekers, you mean.  @!!!!@#@#$@#$@#$@#$ 

Seen the pic? 

 I posted in the same thread:

I have too. With the lying. The trouble starts here, not with valid questions about the TRUTH. I’m done. Ban me–but answer this: Is this you? (pic inserted big as life) Honest people have NOTHING to hide.I’m done. We were supporters. YOU didn’t support US by being honest.

We deserve the truth!  Hear me supporters?  WE DESERVE THE TRUTH. 

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