What if it were sex?

Let’s just suppose for a moment, that it were a sex site we were talking about. (WHAT??? Bear with me). A 14 year old joins, and instead of being locked out and refunded, the owner keeps her money, the moderators just want to help her make the right decisions about her sex life. Use condoms. Birth Control is discussed. It’s better to give her advice about safe sex, then have her make bad decisions that might alter her life, health, emotional well-being, right? Wait–it is a 14 year old–a MINOR! Would you be more outraged at that site owner than you are at Kimmer? Why? Following her “diet” advice can lead to extremely low calories, a laxative habit, and skewed visions of what it takes to lose weight. Why do we tolerate it? It can alter her life, her health, and her emotional well-being. I don’t see any difference.

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In Response to Zebra and anyone else who wants to know….

Thank you for commenting. Interesting calling me a shock blogger. Hmmm…

I, too, have followed the diet plan with no ill effects. I did have a gall bladder attack for the first time ever last year, when following strictly, and the attack can be blamed on my lack of knowledge of my body, how it works, and the decision to eat a Filet O Fish sandwich with fries. I would never “blame” the diet. I wouldn’t agree that the diet is EASILY followed—I have seen MANY more people go on and off plan b/c it is a hard one to stick to through to the end, and I have seen many members beat themselves up for eating things that are GOOD for them—not to mention a bingeing behavior that even I can have a tendency to do more now than ever. I disagree that any doctor worth his/her weight in gold would say that 300, 400, 500 calories is a good thing on a long term basis. And here again, who cares if we debate the “guidelines” of this diet??? The guidelines have differed, changed, morphed, and have never EVER been consistent. Not when the founder of the site says you can fast until goal. Where is that in the guidelines? Moreover, How do you know that the mom knew what her daughter was doing? How does Deni? Did she talk to her in person? Assume everyone is telling the truth when they know they are doing wrong and you will be sorely disappointed. I don’t care whether her mom knew or not. I expected better from Kimmer and didn’t get it. I won’t support someone who throws tantrums over the internet by banning members for disagreeing or for supporting a teenager for eating less calories than she was already eating. IT IS IRRESPONSIBLE. THERE IS NO ARGUMENT OR DISCUSSION ABOUT IT. And I can’t support it.

I have been ultimately grateful for the weight I’ve lost and have said the same as you over and over and over again: The site is a private support network, not about one person. I have had maybe 3 questions answered by “Kimmer” in the course of the last 13 months. I’ve stayed in my support threads—bless them—and we’ve supported and sent cards and emails and supported some more. Well, Becky was one of those people for me. And if you’d been a member for longer you might feel a bit differently about her BANNING. She WAS the glue of that board. She wrote everything you read as a newbie. She genuinely is concerned about the members. Kimmer has proven—PROVEN—she is not. I would not do business with someone if I questioned their MORALITY and I seriously question hers so I no longer will visit the site. I have put off disassociating myself with the site because of my support friends, but if I have to go, it is on my terms. I have collected many emails, and am sure I can get the others.

To me, it really isn’t about the diet itself. I will educate MYSELF about the best way to do LC for me and my family, not take some persona’s word for it—a person who won’t post a picture of herself. (OR—if you actually believe the red dress story, waits until it is a perfect one—I don’t like pics myself but I have posted a few). It is about all the other stuff. I have a good idea and gut feeling about what is what, but it would be pure speculation at this point, and I will resign myself to be a spectator. I have a life outside of this drama as we all do—and it has taken too much time already.

I am so glad you said “Tell us who you are…” b/c after much thought, that’s just what I intended to do anyway…

To my KKs friends and Hotties—I hope we can meet up on another board and keep in touch—I want you all to achieve the lives you so deserve!

Love and health,
~kim~on~kimkins AKA hottieNtraining AKA justKim AKA ~k AKA specialK (the real one, not the rude one on JM’s comment blog) AKA rockinKim and on LCF jeajsmom…will be using KimPossible on blogspot and wherever possible.
ETA: I am KimPossible on LCF now, too…and I forgot but I have posted a few comments here and there under “joanne” b/c I didn’t want to be found out. I don’t care now. LOL–just wanted to be COMPLETELY honest. 🙂

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Becky was banned. She says: “I posted my email address on the site a few weeks ago, the first time my password quit working, in case I ever disappeared suddenly. If that cannot be found, I can always be reached here.”

Told you. Who’s the liar? Plain and simple. If she lies about this, what else does she lie about? Horses, people. Horses!

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If You Hear Hooves…

Okay staunch KK supporters who are members, let’s examine this. I am writing this post in an attempt to wrap my brain around this whole debacle as well. And I speak from my own point of view, too, so bear with me.

We always knew there were KK “haters” out there. Some of us know the “history” at LCF firsthand, some of us don’t. We have followed the plan and have had success on it. Haven’t (or have) had any of the symptoms described. We are happy with our results, and have made many a contact on the forum, which means a lot to us. These people have supported us. We’ve supported them. Our forum was a happy, nice, friendly place. Then that whole JM thing happened. Man, did he do a 180 or what? May have made us mad. We might have taken it personally. We didn’t like that Just Ducky persona that was attacking JM. Thought it was over the top. So when he dropped us like a hot potato and Just Ducky began to focus on the site owner, we were already up in arms…we’ve seen some of those tactics. The KimATC posting. Makes us mad! Why can’t they just leave it alone? We are thankful to the site and its owner for finally showing us how we can lose. Heck–I couldn’t lose on Weight Watchers, or maintain, so I thought it a gift to find the site. But, all that aside…there are serious misgivings we should be having. Surely they nag at the back of your brain? They don’t? Seriously?

Do you really believe it appropriate for a teenager to be told she doesn’t need more calories? I thought the diet didn’t have restrictions? What happened to the “eat when hungry” tenet? That’s what I thought the diet was about. If a member says I’m hungry, especially a growing teen who NEEDS her calcium and other assorted vitamins AND minerals AND fat, why not say “eat–just pick from protein and healthy fats” instead of “I don’t agree that you need more calories?” And who’s to say a vLCD WON’T have potential health problems down the road? The owner can’t–she’s not a doctor. She won’t even post a picture of herself. oh, red dress pic…yeah, right. sure. NOT. Plus she’s said that she doesn’t promote to teens (“K: I also turn teenagers away. (J: Oh really.) Only because — we have teenagers on site, but teenagers as I know first hand, tend to be extreme. If you say do A, they will do A times a hundred. And, with my experience with teenagers, I, I just don’t wanna do, to encourage them), yet when a teen joins, does she block her and issue a refund like a responsible adult and business owner? No, she does that to those who disagree with her. HUH???

Let’s talk agoraphobia for a minute. Panic disorders. Anxiety disorders. Those are no joking matter. And we sympthize and feel for those who suffer from such. And why wouldn’t we be sympathizing and believe the owner when she says she suffers from this? Most days, remember–she said so in the podcast (JM’s) and yet she also claims to be a CASA (“She earned a graduate degree in Public Administration and serves as a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for abused children”). Have you seen what it takes socially just to become a CASA? Click here. This includes “Appear at all hearings to advocate for the child’s best interests and provide testimony when necessary.” You think one can fulfill a committment when he/she suffers from these types of disorders? Don’t you just want to ask “so which is it?” without being banned or called rude? Or slammed from “supporting” members of the site for being hostile?

I think, if she truly believed in what she was promoting and that it was harmless and valid, she’d be the person shouting it from the rooftops. She never has been–she enlists others, true believers, to do her work for her. And she lets them lie for her, because her credibility is even more at stake now than ever. I feel for us all, who have defended and been offended by the naysayers. We truly believed. And we don’t want to admit we were duped. We were–gut feeling–and you know how those go. It really doesn’t take a gut feeling though, the evidence of lies is out there. The question is, what will it take to convince you of that?

If you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras.

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The Last Word…

It has been said that Becky is not banned.

I know different. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE. All of you who think everyone showing dissention is a mole, it is time to wake UP.

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A Letter to “littlebit”

Dear Littlebit,

I just wanted you to know, and I know that I speak for many many members of the KK website, that you were the heart and soul of that forum. You have spent tireless hours answering posts, pms, and organizing the information and it never went unnoticed or unappreciated by those of us whose lives you have touched. Many a time a member has wondered “Where’s littlebit?” or has said, “I don’t know, ask littlebit.” You have done so well on your own journey and are an inspiration to all of us! I hope that you will continue to post on your blog, Winning Weight Loss, and continue to keep in touch with those of us whose lives you’ve truly blessed. We love ya, sweetie! You deserve many many happy days!
Want to support littlebit? leave a comment!!!

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Thin at what cost?

The recent flurry of attention paid to the KK low carb diet has raised the question—what will we pay to be thin? For some, this starts out as an initial lifetime investment: about $60. Now, compared to many weight loss plans out there, a one time investment is a very attractive prospect. What I speak of is only a monetary investment, though. What is the real cost of this WOE? It was reported on LCF this a.m. that a member posted about a recent trip to the ER with what she thought might be a heart attack. It was revealed that her potassium levels were dangerously low. Her question to the forum (specifically, the owner of the site, b/c it is on the “Ask” thread): how can she convince her doctor, with whom she has a follow up appointment, to let her continue the WOE, and is it possible that the diet had something to do with it? She wants to get back on plan, but is nervous about it. Nervous? She should be. Remember Terry Shiavo? Have we really reached the point that our long-term health, even our lives are less important than the weight we carry? Initially, this member paid $60. But consider what the ER charged her. And what her follow up costs will be. Not to mention any damage she might have done to her body that is unseen as of yet that would take more medical maintenance! Even if she escaped damage this time, is it worth it to continue to take the risk? My answer is a resounding NO! It most certainly is NOT!

Now, a poster a LCF did suggest that perhaps the KK post was a plant, a “bait” to see who would suggest that thin wins. Me? I’ve no idea. It is entirely plausible with everything that has transpired within this debate. What I do know is that over my health, thin definitely never wins.

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LCF not exactly unbiased…

What exactly gives over at LCF? There has been a lively discussion today about the Kimkins Exposed blog and whether or not the post about KimATC is warranted. Now? There are a total of 8 posts left out of that discussion. 8. The posts went from over 8000 in number to a paltry 7991 as of just a few minutes ago (1:33 PDT). One poster asked “What happened to all the threads?” and not a minute later her post was removed and she received, I am sure, a “friendly” warning message about the Terms of Service over at the LCF. What purpose does this serve? It definitely deflates the discussion, and hasn’t the discussion been productive? I certainly think so…It also prevents people from posting. I won’t post there. Why should I? I am an adult and refuse to have my hands slapped by the “friendly” admin over at LCF. What complete rubbish…I hope that everyone posting there sees, too, LCF’s hidden agenda: make more money. With all their imbedded post links, they stand to make a killing from the traffic generated by all the hooplah. Who suffers? Those of us who are just trying to eat healthier and find a way of eating to suit us. We are being blasted by BOTH sides of the fence, unable to have a true discussion of what is going on…

ETA: Just checked on the “thread” and the crickets are chirping…no new posts and lo and behold, the post count is down to 7987…my guess is that they are removing all links to blogs referenced…great comments, btw!

ETA: Apparently, LCF wants no posts regarding KimATC. Yesterday someone posted that Kim left a goodbye post in the “playground” area, only accessible to those who have 60 posts and 60 days. Then, the posts discussing it–deleted. Did LCF delete Kim’s post too? I wouldn’t doubt it, though I’ve no idea….

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Intro to my TRUE opinion

I am a Kimkins member. Am. Not was. I have been watching with fascination the ongoing debate that exists out in cyberspace at the moment–punching a hole in the real world only once–with the article in Woman’s World.

A little background: I joined last year after seeing the site come up on a Google search. I never have been a LCF poster, mostly for reasons upon which I will inevitably expound at some point. What I wanted, honestly, when I paid for access to the site, was the information. That’s it. I was sick of being fat, uncomfortable in my own skin and reflection and was living a life that I did not want my children to emulate. I wasn’t going to be the fat parent! I tried “Atkins” doing what was, I suppose, my own version of LC because up to that point, I hadn’t read an Atkins book. So I joined the KK site. I will admit fully and readily that I was disappointed when I realized I could’ve gotten the information for free on LCF. I felt cheated. Since I was a member for life, though, I used the forum. I posted and “met” people, supported and received support. I still do. I kept to my own threads, mostly, posting support for the same groups of people. I never really ventured out into the “forum” to see what was going on. Occasionally I would respond in the newbie section, to those who didn’t seem to see the simplicity in the diet. All I saw was simplicity: Lean proteins. Enough fat to make it work. A carb restriction. Eat when hungry. Don’t eat if not. Heck, I’ve lost a majority of my weight doing just this and my hair is not falling out, I do not have “SNATT” all the time, nor do I have any of the other issues many seem to be having. I don’t even have the constipation issue some seem to have. All was truly right in my little weigh loss world. I was even trying to get a family member who is morbidly obese to do the diet, if not join. Then Jimmy joined in full force, posting here and there and everywhere. He racked up more posts in the short time frame he was on than many of the long term members! I knew he was promoting his site, ultimately, but we at the site felt vindicated, that such a “mainstream” low carb blogger was supporting what we’d been doing. At least that is how I felt…so when he posted his apology, I was shocked. SHOCKED.

Then I began looking. As many of us have. Reading. Lurking. Taking it all in. And there is A LOT to take in. I have been on both sides of the fence at times, mostly because I don’t know who anyone on these boards and blogs are, really, and I have to remember that when I read their posts. Who knows who is telling the real truth? So I’ve seen both sides of the coin. Until yesterday. Until the post/info about the 14 year old girl surfaced. I had not known until recently that there was a young girl posting on the site. I went, I looked at her posts–her need for more calories. I saw a few answers given by moderators about getting in more calories, specifically more nutrients that she would never get from her current caloric intake. Then I saw Kimmer’s response…and……
she disagreed with the others about needing more calories. WHAT???!!!!???? I have girls, and in this situation, as that girl’s parent, I would be FURIOUS. FURIOUS. Did I say FURIOUS?? She is telling a child NOT TO EAT MORE!!! WHO IS SHE to tell a young girl not to eat more food? Is being thin worth THAT??? No it is certainly not. EVER. And now, as many have taken the child’s posted before and after picture and reposted it–As her parent, I would be angry at all who have discussed this child’s internet activities and posted her pictures. And then I would restrict her online access!!

I started this blog for one reason: to express my true feelings on this subject, whatever they may be at the time. I do not classify myself as a “survivor” thankfully, nor as a “success” because I have made the diet my own and still have some weight to lose. But I can’t post at the KK site what I would really like to say for fear of being banned, and LCF is ridiculous in the amount of deleting they do over there. When you do get deleted at LCF, you can’t complain about it. Nice little racket they’ve got going on there! How can people have a candid discussion if you restrict them from posting new information that surfaces or links to it? It’s a no-brainer if you ask me. Additionally, I wanted to establish a blog that doesn’t “dig up dirt” on KK supporters, but doesn’t expouse the virtues of it either. I will never recommend the site to others. EVER.

A catastrophe can be defined as an “absolute failure, often in humiliating or embarrassing circumstances” That is what Kimkins will be. Just give it time….

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