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I am a Kimkins member. Am. Not was. I have been watching with fascination the ongoing debate that exists out in cyberspace at the moment–punching a hole in the real world only once–with the article in Woman’s World.

A little background: I joined last year after seeing the site come up on a Google search. I never have been a LCF poster, mostly for reasons upon which I will inevitably expound at some point. What I wanted, honestly, when I paid for access to the site, was the information. That’s it. I was sick of being fat, uncomfortable in my own skin and reflection and was living a life that I did not want my children to emulate. I wasn’t going to be the fat parent! I tried “Atkins” doing what was, I suppose, my own version of LC because up to that point, I hadn’t read an Atkins book. So I joined the KK site. I will admit fully and readily that I was disappointed when I realized I could’ve gotten the information for free on LCF. I felt cheated. Since I was a member for life, though, I used the forum. I posted and “met” people, supported and received support. I still do. I kept to my own threads, mostly, posting support for the same groups of people. I never really ventured out into the “forum” to see what was going on. Occasionally I would respond in the newbie section, to those who didn’t seem to see the simplicity in the diet. All I saw was simplicity: Lean proteins. Enough fat to make it work. A carb restriction. Eat when hungry. Don’t eat if not. Heck, I’ve lost a majority of my weight doing just this and my hair is not falling out, I do not have “SNATT” all the time, nor do I have any of the other issues many seem to be having. I don’t even have the constipation issue some seem to have. All was truly right in my little weigh loss world. I was even trying to get a family member who is morbidly obese to do the diet, if not join. Then Jimmy joined in full force, posting here and there and everywhere. He racked up more posts in the short time frame he was on than many of the long term members! I knew he was promoting his site, ultimately, but we at the site felt vindicated, that such a “mainstream” low carb blogger was supporting what we’d been doing. At least that is how I felt…so when he posted his apology, I was shocked. SHOCKED.

Then I began looking. As many of us have. Reading. Lurking. Taking it all in. And there is A LOT to take in. I have been on both sides of the fence at times, mostly because I don’t know who anyone on these boards and blogs are, really, and I have to remember that when I read their posts. Who knows who is telling the real truth? So I’ve seen both sides of the coin. Until yesterday. Until the post/info about the 14 year old girl surfaced. I had not known until recently that there was a young girl posting on the site. I went, I looked at her posts–her need for more calories. I saw a few answers given by moderators about getting in more calories, specifically more nutrients that she would never get from her current caloric intake. Then I saw Kimmer’s response…and……
she disagreed with the others about needing more calories. WHAT???!!!!???? I have girls, and in this situation, as that girl’s parent, I would be FURIOUS. FURIOUS. Did I say FURIOUS?? She is telling a child NOT TO EAT MORE!!! WHO IS SHE to tell a young girl not to eat more food? Is being thin worth THAT??? No it is certainly not. EVER. And now, as many have taken the child’s posted before and after picture and reposted it–As her parent, I would be angry at all who have discussed this child’s internet activities and posted her pictures. And then I would restrict her online access!!

I started this blog for one reason: to express my true feelings on this subject, whatever they may be at the time. I do not classify myself as a “survivor” thankfully, nor as a “success” because I have made the diet my own and still have some weight to lose. But I can’t post at the KK site what I would really like to say for fear of being banned, and LCF is ridiculous in the amount of deleting they do over there. When you do get deleted at LCF, you can’t complain about it. Nice little racket they’ve got going on there! How can people have a candid discussion if you restrict them from posting new information that surfaces or links to it? It’s a no-brainer if you ask me. Additionally, I wanted to establish a blog that doesn’t “dig up dirt” on KK supporters, but doesn’t expouse the virtues of it either. I will never recommend the site to others. EVER.

A catastrophe can be defined as an “absolute failure, often in humiliating or embarrassing circumstances” That is what Kimkins will be. Just give it time….

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  1. Very interesting…thanks for posting.

  2. Hi,

    I am so happy to see your blog. It is very well-written and articulate.

    I, too, was appalled at the answer that Kimmer gave to this precious child. I’m so thankful that my dd is old to enough not to feel the pressure to get skinny and follow some deadly plan that requires 500 calories. Kids trust adults. That is the sad part and the advice Kimmer gave to this child will “fall on her head” one day.

    I cannot tell you how many people have told me via
    lowcarb websites that they have given up Kimkins because of health problems. I’m so grateful that you
    haven’t experienced that.

    Keep eating healthy.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad that you’ve “made the diet your own” and are aware of the risks and know how to keep yourself healthy. That, after all, is the goal – health first, thin second. πŸ™‚

    I’m saddened that you are unable to post your thoughts and feelings at the KK site – as a paid member, you are entitled to your feelings and opinions and should certainly be encouraged to ask questions if and when the arise.

    Thank you for starting this blog.. and it looks great! Love the background πŸ™‚

    Best of luck to you.

  4. Kudos for standing up for what you believe and doing it in a respectable manner. All I can say is best of luck to you and I will be back to learn more about how your weight loss is going and what you think of everything that’s going on in the Online Lowcarb-Kimkins Saga!

  5. Thank you for being brave and for speaking out on behalf of the children. Kimkins once stated publically that she did not allow teens on her site. Now we understand this is not true.

    I, too, have left lowcarbfriends because of the hypocrisy and flip flopping of the board policies. Many don’t know I’ve left because I did it quietly, but my laundry list for leaving was shockingly short. That, in conjunction with policies which are harmful to its members in my opinion are why I could no longer suffer being present.

    I do believe we can save our children. No one else cares as much for our kids and those of us who step forward and say, “Stop the madness!” Even if it means leaving boards with members we loved, and even if it means sometimes taking the higher road, even whilst being pelted with stones for it.

  6. […] This Kimkins member discusses her disillusionment: Then I began looking. As many of us have. Reading. Lurking. Taking it all in. And there is A LOT to take in. […]

    Edited b/c, well, it just repeats above! πŸ™‚

  7. You know you all say “If I was her parent I would. If I was…” IF.
    You are not her parents.
    You may be Mothers and Fathers but not HER parents.
    You people have sticks up your buts 24/7 and you have the nerve to tell this kids parents how they should raise their kid??
    WTF? you don’t know her or her situation.
    What makes yo think her parents don’t know abotu her site or her Kimkins access, OR EVEN THE PICTURES!
    Kids have myspaces exposing EVERYTHING friggin boobs everywhere but are you tellign their parents how to raise their kids??? NOPE.
    So leave this poor “precious child” alone.
    It is none of your concern whether this kid lives or dies. Got it?
    *removing stick* What I do know is that as a (ahem, former) CASA child advocate, “Kimmer” shouldn’t be advocating any type of vLCD for teenagers, which she has done as demonstrated in my post. Myspace is free. This kid paid $60 to endanger her health. It is as much a concern for me and all of the “you peoples” out in cyberspace just as anything else is that harms minors–no matter WHO their parents are. The problem is, who knows how informed her parents are–that is the POINT. The only ones not leaving this “precious child” alone are predators like Kimmer who pray on the insecurities of others. That is EVERYONE’S business. Thanks, “Kimmer”, for your opinion. Spend the $60 well. *inserting stick*

  8. Hi,
    Thank you for creating “another” place to discuss this weird, bizzaro world of the Kimkins scandal. I’ve been so perplexed by how people have responded (and continue to respond) to the drama as it unfolds (whether it be Jimmy Moore, the “bloggers”, or LCF’s moderators). I have never “done” Kimkins, nor do I know anyone IRL that has, nor have I ever been a business partner (!), nor really anything at all… I am just an ordinary person trying to lose some weight , and I am really simply outraged that some mysterious woman would be pushing such an extreme diet as “the answer” for everyone, and profiting from this crusade of misinformation. I can’t imagine how she sleeps at night…

  9. This whole thing is just crazy. A starvation diet for a 14-yr-old girl? Doesn’t get much low-down-dirtyer than that.

    Kimmer must be one sad, lonely, angry person to have created all this. Disgusting.

  10. I have had many posts deleted on the fascination thread at LCF, and I am really perplexed because none of them were controversial, other than posting facts about blogs and their contents. I have not gotten any warnings, just “poof” the posts were gone. Very rude in my estimation. The banning of posting links has rendered the fascination thread almost useless, but there is so much information in cyberland from excellent blogs such as these that it will cause “kimmer” to squirm and hopefully self destruct anyway. LCF is not the be all, know all last word…..the power of the people will prevail.

  11. My feelings exactly… word for word.

    Take care and we’ll see what happens.

  12. Great post!! Thanks for this website. I have done Kimkins and ended up with some serious health issues–lesson learned.
    The whole issue has been very interesting to me and I wait and watch to see what happens next.
    I also posted on LCF and cannot believe their control tactics. Although I liked Netrition, I won’t shop there anymore either. Controlling what we say is just too much!!
    I look forward to seeing more of what you write.

  13. I thik the comments about sticks up butts and whatnot is coming from either Kimmer/Heidi/Darth Vader whatever or another 14 yr old who thinks this is appropriate.

    Listen up girls, you may not care right now, but there is nothing healthy about Kimkins NOTHING and if you follow it you will end up losing your hair, and likely your life. If this appeals to you, turn the computer of NOW and talk to your parents as you already need help.

    Sickness is not “cute, in, emo or scene” is painful. Please take care of yourselves

  14. I’m so confused. If Heidi/Kimmer can hide and noone know who and what she really is. How do people know that the 14 year old is really a 14 year old.

    And I know giving bad advice is bad advice.

    Maybe Heidi/Kimmer sensed her tree was being shook and played along (I know still not the best idea)

    As I said… I’m so confused…. This entire thing makes my head spin.

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