My Post to Kimmer

Kimmer started a thread in which she posted:

I’ve tried to be nice. I’ve tried to let people have their say. I’ve had enough. No more negativity posts. If you hate me or Kimkins, there’s plenty of “Kimmer Smackdown” websites to frequent — please go.Troublemakers will be banned. End of story.

Troublemakers?  Truth seekers, you mean.  @!!!!@#@#$@#$@#$@#$ 

Seen the pic? 

 I posted in the same thread:

I have too. With the lying. The trouble starts here, not with valid questions about the TRUTH. I’m done. Ban me–but answer this: Is this you? (pic inserted big as life) Honest people have NOTHING to hide.I’m done. We were supporters. YOU didn’t support US by being honest.

We deserve the truth!  Hear me supporters?  WE DESERVE THE TRUTH. 

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  1. I tried to offer some support to you in that forum. Hope it helped. I am banned now as well. When I tried to refresh my screen, it said, _Login_Blocked. Whatever.

  2. yeah…me too. But, the good news is that your post stayed therefor a few minutes! So some people saw it!

  3. Kim, saw the pic you posted right on her “had enough” post. NICE!

    When I first saw that thread title, I thought maybe she was giving up. But alas, no singing, that wonderful catchy tune from the Wizard of Oz yet. You know the one…

  4. I’ll start it for you:
    “Ding, dong”

  5. The initial post is still there, but the responses are gone and the topic is locked. You know, this is not about whether or not she gained weight back. I mean, who HASN’T done that? That is not news. What the issue IS is TRUTH in ADVERTISING. Not half truths, not wannabe truths. TRUTHS. I joined thinking she had done this and looked like that picture she used at first–her out back in the black blouse. I never thought the red dress pic was her. NEVER. But I did think she’d maintained this loss of hers. Until recently. Until Jimmy did a 180. Thank you Jimmy!

  6. My pleasure. I’m just sorry it’s taken so long.


    You can post your Kimkins complaints here for free, and those complaints will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of your fellow consumers.

    Your complaint might save the life of a desperate dieter — a grandmother, a mom, a teen.

  8. Well I watched whole posts being deleted faster than people could post in them. Then anyone who posted there was banned. The site seems to be sanitized now in line with her ultimatum. What a scam this turned out to be.

    Ok, I have thought more about the pictures and I know the argument from supporters. “I don’t care if Kimmer is the jolly green giant or a robot, or a fat guy smoking cigars, the diet works, and that is all I care about.” Well I don’t care if she is morbidly obese and bald. I do care HOW and WHY she got that way. I want to know: is it that the diet works and she is just undisciplined and couldn’t stick with it and either didn’t reach goal or reached goal and gained it back with poor eating choices. Did she undergo cancer treatment and lose her hair and gain weight? Or did her Kimkins diet ruin her metabolism and now she can no longer lose at all. Did the diet make her hair fall out? I need all of these questions answered, because that is what I care about. It isn’t that she weighs more than most of her members – she is the number one example of success of the diet and needs to be truthful about her own results, no matter how much it may hurt her to do so. I need to know that if I continue to follow her diet and lose weight on it, will it be impossible to maintain? Will I lose all my hair? What else might happen? Is there a genuine example of someone who lost a lot, reached goal and has kept it off long term? That was what I was most impressed about in Kimmer’s bio, the long term maintenance success.

    So I care about the circumstances that lead to this and I care about the lying. Most of us have been there with some degree of struggle with weight, and I forgive her that. Like everyone else, I just want the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but theTRUTH – so help me God.

    Heidi, we are begging you. If you come clean about everything, you may not be able to save the site, but it will help a lot of folks to heal, and potentially save others from a lifetime of health issues.

  9. theTruth,

    I wish all the defenders will read your post. That’s exactly it! Thanks for articulating what I couldn’t. I write all the time for my job, you’d think I’d be able to explain my thoughts clearly. 🙂


  10. If the diet is dangerous, Christin, Becky, Deni and the other exiles should speak out and at least TRY to save the health and possibly even the lives of other dieters. They’re all talking about God this, and God that. What about God’s Word? “To whoever knows to do good, but doesn’t do it, to that person it is sin.”
    James 4:17

  11. I am for giving those three a break from the controversy and the spotlight. Remember, they didn’t leave because they feel the diet as written is dangerous. Yes, Christin admits to some health issues, but she says they were temporary and were easily dealt with. Sounds like she would have rather had the weight off than avoid those issues. I don’t blame her. From what I can tell, the other two have had no real issues and the way of eating worked for them (except for a time when Becky got her calories too low). I think the united message from them would be something like. “Don’t take this, or any diet, too far.” But they are not saying they did that, and are not really examples of the dangerous aspects of taking it too far. They are in a way, still success stories, who left because of the founder, not because they perceived real danger in the way of eating. I hate putting words in people’s mouths, but I think they have been pretty clear on that point thus far.

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