*insert reaction words here*

Knew it’d get deleted.  What can you do?  *sound of whip keeping all the little posters in line*

 I am in a state of shock, I guess.  Shock–that will have to be the word for it.  Over what?  The unbelievable denial that many are in over the “rumors and more rumors.”  It is akin to sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “la la la la la la.”  That is what all those who stay and say “who cares?” are doing.  And I risk putting myself at odds with some dear friends over this, but I have to say something, or I might just explode.   So many thoughts swirling and so much to organize and say.  I will start with these quotes from VERY insightful people: 

its about time they give themselves credit not Kimmer. 

It is the member support, not the URL, that make it work.

So, to me that’s a kick Kimmer out and we’d have a great place to be.  But we can’t do that.  We can’t ban her for giving crappy advice (“you don’t need more calories”).  We can’t ban her for lying LYING LYING LYING (do I have to shout here) about Becky’s departure OR her treatment of Christin for doing her job (see her blog post from today).  Or for allowing teens (LIED about it).  She’s created her little world where she’s Queen, and she banishes/exiles those who dare question or oppose her.  This wouldn’t be a legal state of affairs in the good ol USA politically speaking….why do we tolerate such totalitarianism online?  When we PAID for it? 

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  1. Between the “rumors” and “kimmer saves lives” I thought I was going to lose it today. I feel as if I have already lost some friends over this which is a shame. But really there is no other choice. She is a scam artist, a liar, and a cheat. She can’t be allowed to continue to prey on the desperation of other people.

    If only we could kick kimmer out and then have our nice happy home back.

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