I am not attacking anyone…

when I posted *insert reaction words here* (the first post).  I used the quote “rumors and more rumors” to refer to the thread.  I would so love to get back to our little thread, our circle of friends, and support each other until goal.  But if we can’t speak freely about what we are seeing on the site, about what we think about those rumors, true or not, then we are perpetuating a sham.  A SHAM.  Because we can’t be ourselves, we can’t be supportive, we can’t resolve the PINK ELEPHANT that is right there in the thread with us.  What I wrote, here, and in the LC scoop thread was my opinion as well….the “rumors and more rumors” thread is in no danger of being deleted.  Why should it be?  That’s great, but I disagree with you, but I didn’t (and don’t) have the luxury of posting MY opinion of the whole thing.  How fair is that?  I paid as much as you did for the site.  But b/c my views are different AND b/c I defended a 14 year old girl this evening (want to see the thread–it’s deleted but I have a copy), I get banned.  NOT the RUDE obnoxious people.  ME.  And another.  How’s that for negativity–I tried to stop it, and it’s see ya, KIM, thanks for your money, remember that lifetime thing?  Uh, didn’t really mean THAT….

 P.S.  You did read the NEXT post, right?  Comments on THAT one?

 ETA:  Wait, did I say anyone?  That excludes the site owner, whomever that really is…

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  1. Hi KKat,

    I didn’t get to see the post 😦 but I heard you guys done well YAY!!! It is so sickening to watch what is happening in there. The amount of people sucking right up Kimmers ass is unbelievable. Well hopefully she gets what she deserves soon 🙂

  2. THANK YOU for having the courage to speak out. I’m not a KK member, but I have been following this whole thing “from the outside”, and it is heartening to see good people such as yourself make a stand against things that appear to be clearly wrong.

    It is a sad situation for everyone, but hopefully some good will come of it in the end. Although I didn’t pay any money to Kimmer, I certainly have learned *alot* over the last couple of months (and not diet related at all!!!)

  3. if you check out the exercise forum, it appears Kim has left now as well.

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