I’m Banned?

I am banned my friends. No reason given. See what voicing your opinions gets you in Kimmerville? Don’t think I won’t be getting a refund. I will.

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  1. Hi KKat. Please get the word out (I hate to ask, ’cause I truly know how hard you’re already working at getting the word out!)

    Even as we speak (Thursday evening 06 September 2007) Heidi is frantically posting deranged praises to herself over at the national Better Business Bureau Kimkins.com Reviews page:


    Please, everyone who hasn’t already done so, please hop on over there and let your voice be heard.

    Do it for your fellow desperate dieters — past, present, and future.

  2. Well I was banned today too. I guess it’s ok to be rude to people as long as you share the same views as Kimmer. I have asked for a refund since I purchased a lifetime membership. They just emailed and wanted my paypal info.

    Huh, well I haven’t heard a thing in response to my email. Maybe they are contemplating which option to choose–reinstate my password or refund. I told them (HER) to pick one! So you think it was b/c we posted on that thread? Did the RUDE people get banned? Did the girl?

  3. PS I totally am not ignoring your entry re being banned. You have my deepest sympathy, truly, and I’m so sorry this has happened to you. You are one of the good people who have been hurt by a single bad person. Hold you head up high and be PROUD! {{{{{{{KKat!}}}}}}}}

  4. That is the only thing it could be. That thread. That is the only thing I have posted since yesterday. I think it was yesterday when the others were banned. I guess she didn’t like me commenting on how i thought she didn’t allow teenagers. I don’t know if the girl got banned or not. And you know the RUDE people are still there. Clinging to her leg like little children. Oh, and I asked for the same thing, password reinstated or a refund. Guess she chose the refund. Fine with me.

  5. If everyone who didn’t get a refund will please write an actual complaint at the national Better Business Bureau link I posted above, it would go a long way to having a real impact on this situation. Please, speak up, let the outside world hear what’s really happening.

  6. Oh don’t worry Mimi, I will.

  7. Go KKat! You have a lot of friends over at the ACL board’s anti-Kimmer thread!

    Link to the national Better Business Bureau page for Kimkins.com:


    Please note that there’s a difference between posting a REVIEW and filing a COMPLAINT.

    You need to FILE A COMPLAINT:

    __If you personally have been defrauded or deceived by Heidi

    __If you personally have been verbally and/or emotionally abused by Heidi

    __If you personally have donated any money to her to help her fictional foster children or for any other cause in which the money was accepted by her or on her behalf

    __If you personally have been banned from Kimkins.com and/or denied access, and/or denied a full refund of your membership fee

    __If you personally have experienced or are experiencing any ill health effects because of the Kimkins diet (either the Politically Correct version or the Plan Behind The Plan)

    __If you personally have experienced or are experiencing hair loss, dizziness, “SNATT”, cardiac arrythmia, weakness, fainting, or any other problems because of the Kimkins diet

    __If you personally received from Heidi medical advice including advice about weightloss and nutrition

    __If you are the spouse, relative, or caretaker/guardian of anyone who personally fits any of the above criteria

    You need to POST A REVIEW:

    __If you personally witnessed any of the above while a member of Kimkins.com, LCF, ALC, or any other online venue including email and Private Messages

    __If you have factual information and/or honest opinions about Heidi, the Kimkins diet, and/or Kimkins.com

  8. Well, I didn’t get my refund after all. I received an email from Kimmer saying it had been too long and paypal wouldn’t allow a refund so I had to request one in writing and mail it to her. Whatever….She could still pay me through paypal. Like I’ll ever see that money again. Don’t know why I expected any different.

    Well, I have yet to receive a response and even my work ticket is unaccessible by me. I have contacted the BBB and requested my password be reinstated at once. I paid for the forum and by goodness, that is what I want.

  9. Got your refund yet?

    No, no response whatsoever.

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