EX-Supporters of Kimkins…

If you’ve been banned, I’d like to hear from you. Want your story and why you were banned, in your opinion. Did you get a refund? Did you get a response?

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  1. Hi I’m ccbbear from Kimkins and I have been banned. LOL

    Really, I have been banned for one of the following:

    Defending a teenager from the viscious attacks of fellow, ADULT members


    Questioning that fact that Kimmer herself said no teenagers were allowed on her site and here I was defending one.

    I’m not sure which one did it. I never raised my voice, cursed or called any of them names. As they did. I never recieved a reason. Just poof.

    I have requested a refund. Nope. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and my credit card company.

    Please Kimkins members, WE, yes WE,(I was once in the same place you are now) are the reason this is allowed to continue. Until we ALL stand up and say “ENOUGH” this will continue.

    $44.95–NO refund

  2. I joined Kimkins when the price was $14.95 just to see what all the hubub was about. I PM’d her after the WW article with some doubts/skepticism I had regarding the pictures, she immediately banned me, no refund given. My login name at Kimkins was Kate78526 and I am Potaty on LCF.

    $14.95 NO refund

  3. I was banned for challenging Kimmer’s lies about Becky’s departure. I did not receive any notification nor a refund. I simply had my access to the site blocked. I can’t even access the homepage, which is accessable to the public, to find the contact info to e-mail and ask for a refund.

    $44.95…NO refund
    Contact e-mail from which I received a “ticket” that I can no longer access is support@kimkins.com. I responded, no response yet…

  4. Thanks for the e-mail info.

    NO problemo!

  5. I was banned after posting on the LCF 7/8. I was one of the lucky ones though – I was offered a refund ($14.95) and within minutes of giving Heidi my Paypal account # – the money was deposited. When Heidi told me I was banned and asked for my PP # – I did write her back and told her to “please come clean – clear this entire mess up”. She never answered that request.

    Here is her announcement:

    Hi Cheryl,

    A Kimkins member sent me a copy of your comments at LCF. Please send me your Paypal address for your $14.95 refund. Your account is canceled. I look forward to your husband’s lawsuit.


    Here is my response:
    Kimmer: I can’t believe all of this crap! I believed in you and want to continue to believe but all the evidence they are reporting is overwhelming. Why won’t you just meet with this fellow (added: Jimmy Moore) – whoever he is…. show the world that you are who you say you are. I never for once believed what they were originally saying and even tried going to bat for you.

    Again, Kimmer, I am sorry all this is happening. I tried a few times to ask you questions on the forum and never got answers from you. I did get them from other members, but was extremely disappointed that I hardly saw you post anymore. Also the Kimmer newsletter stopped and I hadn’t been receiving them recently. It seemed that the larger your business became – the less accessible you were to the members.

    I hope that this can all be put to rest shortly. It truly is sad for everyone involved. It would be sooo easy for you to do this. Why you won’t is beyond me.

    Good luck!


    ixtapacheryl–$14.95 Refund

  6. I was banned as well. I never posted anything questioning or bad on the Kimkins site. I hate to even admit it, but I actually defended her a couple times – this was before I saw all that was going on and experienced my own problems with the diet. After experiencing a black out, I filed a complaint with the BBB, the day she received that, I was banned. I e-mailed the support forum and asked why I was banned. Kimmer/Heidi responded by telling me that she discontinued my membership due to my unhapiness. I demanded a full refund, but have never received a response. Heidi did respond to my BBB complaint stating that I had five months access to the site so I got what I paid for. I responded pointing out that selling a lifetime membership and getting five months is fraud. To date she hasn’t responded to my rebuttal through the BBB.

  7. I emailed her and told her that the diet wasn’t as it was represented in WW… that I was expecting a healthy way to lose weight quick NOT a starvation diet bordering on an ED. I did request a refund, so I made it clear I didn’t want any part of her site BUT she banned me without a refund. Whether I wanted to use the site or not, shouldn’t I still have access since she refused the refund? Shouldn’t it now be my choice whether I visit the site or not? Surely my $60 bought me that right!

    I completely agree. I bought access to a forum and NOTHING that I read in TOS said you couldn’t disagree with the diet…sure there was a right of refusal clause that stated no refund was given, but IMO I would find that hard to legally enforce…not a lawyer, but just sayin…she did make a post that said troublemakers will be banned. Wonder if THAT went into the TOS? LOL

    $60 NO refund

  8. i was losingjusme on Heidi / Kimmer’s site.

    i was baanned a few days ago, sent a ‘ticket’ to her support team and did not receive a response. SURPRISE SURPRISE!

    if i cant be on kimkins, i want my money back. she owes me 60 bucks..

    edit[ed] to add that i dont WANT access to her fraudulent website, i want my money.


    $60 NO refund

  9. I asked Heidi if she was the morbidly obese woman in the PI pic and I was banned as well.

    sounds like you got an answer anyway 🙂 …

  10. My screen name is lbbmp. I joined the Kimmer site when the WW magazine came out.
    I’ve been banned and want a refund.
    Thank you,

    $60 NO refund

    received in a PM

  11. Kimmer/Heidi Diaz must have an attorney now. Here’s what she’s sending people wanting a refund:

    I’m sorry but the Kimkins lifetime membership program is electronic media and non-refundable.

    You’ve had access to the Kimkins program including the diet, diet variations, food lists, grocery lists, weight loss resource links, recipe files, community support forums and certified athletic trainer for over 8 weeks. In fact, you’re logged in using resources now.

    If you don’t want to take advantage of the support and challenge groups, you’ll still get outstanding results from the diet working on your own. You may wish to take the diet and food lists to your doctor for personalization.

    She hasn’t even sent me that. Hey Jeanessa, you got that? You’re atty might take issue with it! 🙂 Thanks Jimmy! We’ll see how THAT holds up.

  12. I joined Kimkins on May 29, 2007. I was banned on September 5, 2007. The last post I made was simply a verse of Scripture that must have really hit home to “someone” ….

    Proverbs 28:13
    He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

    Within 5 minutes, I was denied access. I can no longer even access the home page.

    I paid $59.95 for a “life-time membership” which was stripped away from me after only 3 months. I’ve requested a refund several times but, of course, those requests have been denied. I have filed an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I understand there is a class action suit being discussed and I would be interested in joining that effort if possible.

    Side note: Earlier in the summer I was booted off the site for a few days, my access denied. I thought at the time I was banned (no communication from the Kimkins site, of course). But after several attempts at securing a new password, I finally got back in somehow.

    $60.00 NO refund

  13. I was BANNED – NO refund… LaurieB @ kimkins a member from almost the beginning. I am a member of LCF also LaurieRobo, I started posting in early July – and nothing bad or even questionable other than my concern for the VLC aspect of the diet. I was greeted in my inbox with an email from Kimmer, how her inbox was flooded with PM’s about my posts at LCF’s with a copy of what I had written in a thread – honestly not even bad LOL… and then my login stopped working. No refund offered – $14.95 original member.

    $14.95 NO refund

  14. Gaynell, I saw that scripture you posted!!

    I was banned, but I did get a refund. She gave me $60 through Paypal. I was banned for posting negative things about her. She banned a lot of us that day! She was deleting posts as fast as we could type! It was so funny…Poof! Poof! Poof! I think she banned so many of us at once that she couldn’t remember what I had done. I acted like I didn’t know I was banned… I kept emailing and asking for tech support cuz my password wasn’t working. She finally said that I was “negative” but that I could have a refund! LOL

    $60 Refunded!

  15. I just got an email saying my account was closed – no explanation. To get a refund I have to sen my request via post.

  16. I was a member, and success story on Kimkins, and even mentioned in the WW article. I was an admin… and supported the members of the site very strongly. I was often complimented by Kimmer herself for the way I handled the controversy, and told on many occasions that if I wanted to stop being an admin, that she would understand.
    So, when I emailed her, and simply stated that I no longer wanted the role of admin… with no reason even given besides “i think you know why”.. I was sent an email that said “No hard feelings”. 🙂
    However, I knew, that it wouldn’t be long before I no longer had access.. so I posted this post in my most freqented threads inside Kimkins:

    To all my friends at Kimkins,

    This will be my last post. I have come to the decision that it is time for me to step down from my presence here at Kimkins. My time here at Kimkins was very helpful to me… because of the relationships I formed here. I was oblivious to some of the advice that the founder was passing out.. and naive in believing that this place was safe for everyone. I had never low carbed before, and was never one to research things on my own. I was not knowledgeable when it came to healthy eating… which is why I was so overweight to begin with. I took the information I found here..and used it… and it worked.. so I believed in it 100%. I did not have health problems because of the diet… so I figured it was fine. I still do not understand all of the nutrients our bodies truly need.. but I have my doubts now about eating this way for long term. I do not feel that I can, in good conscience, allow others to consider me a “leader” when I am really just “one of the girls”. I apologize if anyone’s feelings get hurt with my exit… I never intended anyone to “look up to me”.
    Spiritually, I still believe that God intended for me to be here.. and that He used me for HIS purposes. Unfortunately… I also now believe that someone else was using me for different purposes… and it’s time to walk away so that ONLY GOD will be glorified or sought after because of my journey. I have posted a entry in my blog announcing my “resignation” at http://www.kimkinsjourney.com and I will be setting up a new blog called “the bench” shortly. I will link to it from my old blog when it’s up and ready. At the new blog.. I intend to use it like the journal I used here at Kimkins. I will post in it frequently, and would love if some of my friends here would comment so that I can keep in touch!
    I do NOT want to lose the friendships I developed here.. I want to maintain the POSTIVE part of Kimkins.. and that is the people! If the Lord has been teaching me anything.. it is that relationships are KEY to our health. When He created Adam.. he knew that it was not good for him to be alone.. so he then created Eve. This means we were designed in the very beginning to be relational!!! So, with that being said… please don’t reject the positive lessons learned at Kimkins! I am not a traitor… I am not a liar or a fraud… I am truly AWAKENED and cannot close my eyes any longer. The best part about Kimkins was the friendships I gained… I pray that I will not lose them with my departure.
    Feel free to email me if you want. deni@memoriescaptured.com
    I love you all!

    approx. 20 minutes later I was “blocked” out and denied access.

    I didn’t even bother asking for a refund, because I KNEW her stance would be in the lines of “You had access to “non returnable” information…” yada yada yada. I did however open a ticket and ask her to give me a copy of my journal… she later replied saying she would have the “tech” guys work on it..but that they were really busy because of all the trouble I had caused with my last post.

    I still don’t have my journal back.. and doubt that I’ll ever see my $39.95 that I paid for a lifetime membership.

  17. Add me to the list. I was not told I was officially ‘banned’; in fact, everyone was told I could post at any time but simply chose not to. Not true! My access was blocked so that I could not correct the lies being told about my departure. No refund.

    In fact, at first, I got a screen saying that the user name and password did not match. When I tried for a new password, I got a screen that said said there was no such user. Christin later told me that for a while, my username online showed up as something different. When she confronted Kimmer on it, Kimmer claimed not to know anything about it, but it changed back to my old username almost immediately. I still can’t log in, though!

    I was even taken off the free newsletter list, apparently! I have heard that people got a new newsletter, but I did not. Now, that’s just spiteful.


    Didn’t know what you paid…LOL..Heck, Becky, I am thinking that it should be YOUR LC forum what with all the work and time you put into it. I will see you at camp, btw! 🙂

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  19. You should all hire Galatea (a California attorney) to sue Kimmer. She is well-versed in the whole LC area and probably remembers a lot of the Kimmer background.

  20. Put your anger to good use!

    Guys – please contact me if you are on board with a lawsuit. I am trying to get our case organized, but I need people who are willing to participate in the class action lawsuit. Please contact me at kimkinslawsuit@yahoo.com if you are willing to participate!

    Done, my friend!

  21. I tried to get a refund from Paypal and they immediately denied it. I got banned immediately after my request from Kimkins. So, I sent an e-mail to Kimkins customer service requesting I receive what I paid for since I will not get refunded and I did get access once again to the site (not that I am going to follow that BS eating plan). I want my money back!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, forgot to add….. $60, no refund!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $60 NO Refund! When access was requested it was granted!

    Did I get that right? Do you still have access?

  22. Yes I still have access, but I want a refund.

  23. I got banned today…46 minutes after my post in response to yet another member being banned for expressing her discontent wiht the whole situation…

    Do you think it was the statement to Kimmer that “Karma’s a bitch!” LOL

    I’m such a professional lurker, but seriously, those “Supporters” of Kimkins really need to get their heads out of her #$%. She isn’t going to share her money kids….she’d rather run you over in her minivan!

  24. I was banned, a little while after posting the following, in response to Kimmer’s attempt to use the 911 attacks to deflect attention from herself.

    here is what she wrote, re: 911:

    Today is the anniversary of 9/11 and it’s a strong reminder that there are far more important issues at hand. Memories.

    and my response:

    How dare you hide behind 911. I lost friends that day.

    You are, at best case, based on your own words and actions, a fraud. There is enough evidence to prove this in a court of law. You posted pics of Heidi as your “before” pics, and now you claim Heidi is an individual other than yourself. Tell us why, then, did you post her pictures as your before pic?

    Why are you on record calling yourself either Heidi, or Diaz, or Heidi Drake (you mother’s maiden name), etc. etc?

    And of course, no one believes that you are not Heidi, it’s laughable. Under her name you have perpetuated fraud after fraud. You even collected donations for phantom foster kids, how dare you?

    It’s apparent you do not, in fact, possess a decent bone in your body.

    Please leave the memory of those who died on 911 out of your sordid story.

    Amen! I am sorry for your loss.

  25. I saw the “Karma is a bitch” statement and thought, how long until that one goes “poof”…..sorry you were banned!

    Go to the BBB and write a review, then file a complaint and request a refund!

  26. I too have now been banned from Kimkins for violating the TOS. Below is the last message I posted before I was banned. I had gotten to the point where I was really tired of hearing how the meanies were ruining the schoolyard and if they just went away everyone would be happy again

    Here is what I posted, and maybe it did violate the TOS since I spoke out against kimmer:

    You are all ignoring the giant elephant in the room. Your weight loss has been fabulous and the credit all goes to each of you that has done the hard work. Don’t give it up and don’t give each other up but, please find another place to share your successes with all your friends because every moment spent here gives legitimacy to the fraud being committed by Heidi Diaz, also known as Kimmer. There are plenty of places to go with your groups. Becky is posting in a good place and she would love to see a lot of her friends and acquaintences there. Deni, Amy (curlygirl), and KimATC and even Pretty Paula have been posting at other places and people have actually talked to them there and welcomed them there. We simply cannot continue to legitimize the business fraud that is taking place here by a continued presence. Please don’t continue to ignore it. Start to establish your groups elsewhere while you still can because some things are going to happen really soon.

  27. Hey Kim…I’ve been soooo BANNED. Reason: Violating TOS.
    No refund

    This is the letter I wrote that got me banned. Since I was banned within 15 minutes of writing it…do you think it hit a nerve?

    I left Kimkins almost 2 months ago. I come back into the site occasionally because I met some lovely people here that I truly came to care about and I like to check on them and make sure they are okay, but today will be the last time. I can’t bear to come here again. I feel like I am wading through a sewer now when I come here in light of what we have all learned about Kimmer. I’m sorry if that’s harsh but it’s just how I feel. So many people have been hurt by Kimmer either emotionally/physically or both. The latest heartbreaking casualty was KimATC. She has been utterly devastated by Kimmer’s treatment of her.

    I have debated long about posting this. I know what’s going through your minds…Oh another “hater”. I can hear you telling me to get a life, You’re just jealous, If you don’t like KK, get out and leave us alone”. Well I have a wonderful life and no I am definitely not jealous. I’m writing this as a last ditch effort to reach you. For no other reason than I care deeply about what happens to all of you. It’s just a matter of time before someone dies from this diet, and I could never forgive myself if I hadn’t done everything I could to reach you.

    I have been stunned by so many people’s defense of Kimmer. I have nothing much to say to someone who defends a liar and a fraud. So I’ll move on.
    I have read over and over so many people saying “ I don’t care who Kimmer is and I don’t care that she lied…the diet works” People like Osusana and many others claim they are here to help the people on this site. They want to stay in their challenges and groups and keep supporting each other. And I can so understand that. There are some truly incredible, caring and wonderful people here. Many of you are probably not really even following Kimkins anymore and have opted to eat healthier, but stay here to support their friends and maybe even advise them to up their calories or fat a bit. I was tempted to do that myself.

    But this is what I realized and all of you need to think about this. By staying here for any reason …all of you are helping to legitimize and give credibility to a site that was created for NO OTHER PURPOSE than to scam people out of their money. She created a very dangerous, false crash diet that she didn’t even follow herself. The site is being kept running for NO OTHER PURPOSE than to scam more people out of their money.
    Many of you feel very badly for how Becky, Deni, Christen and KimATC were treated by Kimmer, but as long as this place exists another Deni or KimATC is walking unsuspecting this farce. Newbies are still signing up every day. By staying here and supporting this site and/or it’s creator you are leaving the door open for more people to get hurt or worse.

    Whether you are willing to realize it, there has been a mass exodus of KK members leaving and finding wonderful new homes on other Low Carb sites. I have travelled around a few and I have watched as many have reconnected with friends. You can still continue to support your friends in one of these places…in a non-toxic environment. There are TONS of ex-KKers at Jimmy Moore new Forum. There’s Low Carb Scoop, ALC and yes even LCF. There are some truly incredible people at all of these places. The only “hater” I have met in this mess is Heidi Diaz. One such as she must really hate people to deliberately cause so much pain…to fill her bank account.

  28. I was banned yesterday for TOS violation. No refund. I was fifilarue on the Kimknis website. I recieved a lovely letter from Kimmer/Heidi this morning stating that I was banned because of member complaints. I am more than welcome to use the rest of the site but no no to the boards or PM’s. Gee, thanks a lot Heidi! Like I want to go to the main page and look at a fake picture of you!

  29. I was banned today. I came home to discover an admin had deleted my entire journal. No warning. No PM saying what I did wrong. No email. Apparently I violated the TOS when I replaced some of my previous posts with links to Deni’s, Christin’s, and Becky’s blogs. So I posted all over the site with the link to the 3fatchicks article. Guess that is also a TOS. Kim-How do I request a refund?

  30. I´m Nille.

    I don´t know if I was banned, but I was “moderated”. Even if I posted some of my posts dissapeared. I managed to copy one:

    “I am a new member – and having paid my 60 bucks, I would of course really like to know the real reason why admins are leaving the site. Like everyone else, I’ve read their blogs and based on those and the posts in here – it is very natural to wonder !

    I’ve been doing my own research (which I’m fairly good at) – Ive been doing lowcarb since 1982 and as mentioned in my presentation I’m an admin of a Norwegian board. I go the source when I need/want information.

    I think a lot of problems could have been avoided if the real Kimmer (whoever / wherever) would step forward with her true identity and picture – showing the world – or at least her paying members , who she is. Not beeing evasive and hiding behind supposedly false pictures/pictures of other people. It might, it might not be true, but there’s onky one person who can put a stop to the slander, and that’s Kimmer herself. It’s all about honesty and trust. We can choose to trust and we can choose not to. YES, it’s all about choice. But we’re not stupid either. One admin leaving OK, – two – OK, but three ? Including the poster girl ?

    This is YOUR forum for people following YOUR plan Kimmer – following YOUR advice. All of them have paid to be able to read about your plan, get your tips and suppurt. To be able to share own and other experiences with the plan. Most of us don’t know what we’re getting until we have signed up and paid. Of course we could read up on it on other forums, but what is better than getting it from the founder herself ? The doctors, the nutritionists, the writers of diet books all over the world, – show their faces. Even in little Norway they do. It’s a sign of respect for the followers, readers, paying members !

    I’m not a suspicious person -but it’s not until we join we find that the owner is behaving somewhat strange. Why the secrecy ?

    Don’t blame me for wondering – I’ve been part of and a working volunteer (not beeing paid one dime – quite the opposite, I pay – I support) at forums for years and I’ve never come across this kind of behaviour.

    Don’t blame me for asking the obvious question – the whole low carb word is wondering – WHO ARE YOU ….. REALLY ?”

    I thought it was rather polite, all considered.

    I´ve signed the petition and reported in the BBB.

    After my posts dissapeared, I sent a mail to them requesting a refund – and I got it !

    And of course I´m not able to log on anymore (not since September 7th).

    $ 60 – refunded

  31. I was banned this morning for posting to LCF that my journal over at KK was deleted. I haven’t asked for a refund because I still have access to the diet plans(just not the forums or chat) and know she won’t give me one. I paid the $59.95.

  32. Hi Kim,

    I sent this to Jeanessa and thought I would post it here to.

    I joined KK on the 24th of July 2007. This is my paypal record of that transaction:
    Business Name:
    Kimkins.com (The recipient of this payment is Verified)


    Total Amount:
    -$59.95 USD


    Conversion From:
    -$69.59 AUD
    Conversion To:
    $59.95 USD
    Exchange Rate:
    1 Australian Dollar = 0.861561 US Dollars


    Item Amount:
    $59.95 USD
    $0.00 USD
    $0.00 USD
    Item Title:
    Kimkins Lifetime Membership
    Invoice ID:
    24 Jul. 2007
    18:55:49 AEST
    Postal Address:
    No Address Provided


    Business Contact Information

    Customer Service URL: http://www.kimkins.com
    Customer Service Email: support@kimkins.com


    Funding Type:
    Instant Bank Transfer
    Funding Source:
    $69.59 AUD – Commonwealth Bank Savings (Confirmed) xxxxxx2727


    Kimkins Lifetime Membership

    I got banned on Friday 09/14/07 for posting this:

    I think there is only so much lies and deceit one person can take before they say enough is enough. For me all the stuff being
    thrown around ‘out there’ has been a real eyeopener. Of course at first I didn’t believe it, I mean who would right?? I thought that people really did have an evil vendetta against Kimmer, Hell I even defended her. However when Becky, Christin and Deni left I
    was shocked. I was also angry and sad. That’s when I started reading and researching. I have debated back and forth with myself
    so many times I’ve lost count about whether to leave or just keep on living the dream, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, I’m losing weight and that’s all that matters right!??! But then I come across the 5 stages one goes through when dealing with grief and things that aren’t pretty in life:

    D – Denial
    A – Anger
    B – Bargaining
    D – Depression
    A – Acceptance

    And it really made me stop and think. Where was I on that scale?? I have been through Denial, Anger and Bargaining. I feel a little
    depressed over the whole idea of starting over again but I also feel that I am slowly moving towards acceptance. Acceptance that Kimmer is a Liar, a Cheat and yes, a Fraud. So my question to YOU is, Where are YOU on the DABDA scale??

    I have posted a few links to people’s blogs and also to Jimmy Moore’s forum, where you will find Deni, Christin, Becky and quite a
    few other ‘Kimkins Refugees’. I really hope this helps a few of the people siting on the fence, waiting to see what happens, move

    Deni’s blog: http://www.openbench.blogspot.com
    Christin’s blog: http://the-journey-on.blogspot.com/
    Becky’s blog: http://winningweight.blogspot.com/
    Jimmy Moore’s forum: http://www.lowcarbdiscussion.com/

    I requested a refund but haven’t recieved a reply or anything from her. This is the email I sent her:

    Subject: I want a refund!!

    I got banned today for posting my opinion:

    I think there is only so much lies and deceit one person can take before they say enough is enough. For me all the stuff being
    thrown around ‘out there’ has been a real eyeopener. Of course at first I didn’t believe it, I mean who would right?? I thought that people really did have an evil vendetta against Kimmer, Hell I even defended her. However when Becky, Christin and Deni left I
    was shocked. I was also angry and sad. That’s when I started reading and researching. I have debated back and forth with myself
    so many times I’ve lost count about whether to leave or just keep on living the dream, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, I’m losing weight and that’s all that matters right!??! But then I come across the 5 stages one goes through when dealing with grief and things that aren’t pretty in life:

    D – Denial
    A – Anger
    B – Bargaining
    D – Depression
    A – Acceptance

    And it really made me stop and think. Where was I on that scale?? I have been through Denial, Anger and Bargaining. I feel a little
    depressed over the whole idea of starting over again but I also feel that I am slowly moving towards acceptance. Acceptance that Kimmer is a Liar, a Cheat and yes, a Fraud. So my question to YOU is, Where are YOU on the DABDA scale??

    I have posted a few links to people’s blogs and also to Jimmy Moore’s forum, where you will find Deni, Christin, Becky and quite a
    few other ‘Kimkins Refugees’. I really hope this helps a few of the people siting on the fence, waiting to see what happens, move

    Deni’s blog: http://www.openbench.blogspot.com
    Christin’s blog: http://the-journey-on.blogspot.com/
    Becky’s blog: http://winningweight.blogspot.com/
    Jimmy Moore’s forum: http://www.lowcarbdiscussion.com/

    Which does NOT violate the TOS, as it doesn’t state in there that you will be banned for having an opinion, differing from Kimmer or is that Heidi?? (So confusing, can’t seem to keep up) So now I would like a refund for the $59.95, that I have spent getting fed a bunch of bullshit lies. If I do not get my money back I will be taking the matter further.

    Thank-you for your time, Kristy.

    So much for a lifetime membership!! And NO she hasn’t refunded the money.

  33. I was banned today. I still don’t know what I did to deserve it. No explanation given, no warning, nothing. I think I made all of 7 posts there and I joined in late June. I can only access the plans and recipes. No response to my emails asking why. Paid $60. So far, no refund. (Mommas3)

  34. I was banned 9-17-07 after posting a reply of support to a member in the “ask kimmer” thread.
    Here is what I posted-
    xxxx (((HUGS))) to you!!!
    I hear your pain and fear in your voice. I hear the feeling of betrayal on many levels and all these unsettling emotions can cause you to be depressed because you feel as if you have lost your way.
    My first suggestion is to reach out to someone that is close to you to share those feelings with or even like you did here sharing with others who may be feeling the same way.
    If someone was saying your post was too harsh I disagree. You were honest and you were not insulting to anyone.
    Asking a question is not harsh!! DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR FEELINGS….that is part of you and you should not have to apologize for them if they were expressed in the manner you expressed yours.

    We all have had lows in our lives, but without knowing you it is difficult for me to know how serious these feelings may be right now. So if you feel that you could harm yourself then get immediate medical attention. You may have only been trying to describe the pain you are feeling and I can understand you saying it how you did. But I didn’t want to down play your words either. So please be safe.

    With that being said now what do you do??? How about getting a plan B and a plan C?? This will give you back some of the feeling of control of the situation.
    Making your plans for the future will allow you to focus on how you can do this.

    -You can reach out to those here on the boards still and read the success stories. Join up with a challenge group to get to know others. Many are exchanging emails to keep in touch in when they are away from the boards.
    SO then that would bring the plan C
    You can look at other forums on dieting. Many free one’s out there and several low carb ones if you decide that is the way to continue.
    Look at how you want to continue your weight loss journal and take control back. We have no control over Kimmer and what or how she handles her business. The only thing we can control is how we adapt and continue from this point on in our own weight loss.

    I think that may be another part of your feelings. There is FEAR of regaining the weight due to the changes and also even the FEAR of not getting to goal.
    Just remember although others here helped you to lose the weight thus far, YOU are the one who did it. Not Kimmer, not other board members, but YOU, so as long as you believe in YOU then you can get there.
    The doubt is with Kimmer, not in the people that are trying to lose the weight.
    Don’t let the recent changes make you doubt the faith in yourself. I have faith that you can still get there!
    Kimmer posted after this and said “HoneyBee Excellent ideas”
    Then I got banned.
    I can only assume her comment of “Excellent Ideas” was directed in a sense that it was an Excellent idea for me to do Plan C of what I had suggested to the other member…which is go seek support at other forums.

    I got banned with the reasoning of “TOS violation”

    -I filed two technical support claims stating my access to the forum has been compromised. I got 2 ticket numbers that don’t work.(no reply)
    -I emailed support@kimkins.com referenced my invoice number from paypal and stated I wanted either a full reinstatement of my membership benefits or I wanted a paypla refund.(no reply)
    -I am going to make a complaint to paypal and Amex
    -I am onboard with the lawsuit claim
    -I signed the petition
    -I requested a specific statement as to what TOS was violated and when.(no reply)
    -I made copies of all and screen shots of my attempts to rectify the issue.
    -I am mailing letters to health magazines for their awareness.

    I paid $59.95 and have no refund to my paypal account as of yet.

  35. I was banned yesterday (9/17/07) due to “member complaints”. Yeah right. No one was complaining when I was making them graphics for their sigs. It’s not the members who have a problem, it’s Singinglass, (Minion # 1) and Kimmer, AKA Heidi. No refund. Joined 10/2/07, when I believe she was charging $39.95? Kimmer is a FRAUD, and SingingLass is her puppet.

  36. Hi, devil5care from Kimkins site, ryudragon on LCF
    banned on 9/18/07 for the following:


    Um, yes I DID pay for a lifetime membership. . . now you may want to “believe” for me, but you’re not allowed! Nor can you answer for me, begin to speak for me or expect me not to answer when you post questions directly to me. . . So, instead of assuming the answer for me, the REAL answer is NO, I did NOT get what I paid for as a matter of fact. I was told that the founder of this site would show me how she lost over 198 lbs. in less than a year AND KEPT IT OFF for over 6 years. Where is the maintenance program? Tell me, what established guidelines do I use to keep it off?

    I keep hearing this idea of negativity thrown around, but wait, read my post and now read yours. . . who’s really being negative. . . “Personally I don’t give a damn what you think about the plan. . . “ ummm, did you hear ME cussing anynone out in my post???. . . can you suggest a ban for yourself for that ‘infraction?’ See, you think you have the right to say anything you’d like, but I, and others, are all supposed to cower in the corner like a whipped dog – don’t think so! You’re an Admin, you have acceess to all my posts, pm’s, etc. . . go read what I have to say. Negative?? Did you even take the time to go through my posts – I think if you did you would have found that 98% of them have been answering questions and supporting people. . . not telling them what they HAVE to do what they can and can not say or think.

    Do I have problems and issues with this site. . . you betcha; I never, not once, hid my feelings about that. . . people with the ability to hit some keys and ban me do not scare me, what scares me is the people you do frighten. . . people that have been bullied into staying quiet because they’re afraid of being banned from the friends they have made and care about.

    Goodness me, I got ‘yelled’ at for the ‘goose-stepping’ reference I made when I member got banned FOR NO GOOD REASON – to anyone reading this, note that I wouldn’t belittle what happened in the 40’s by comparing it to Kimmer or Kimkins or anyone or anything else for that matter, but if you have something to say, then say it. . . staying quiet when you have an issue with people being sent away, for posts being deleted, whole journals being tossed out, say SOMETHING when you have an issue with lies and deception. . . if you know these things are happening and have issue with them but choose to stay silent then you have no right to say anything when one of the admins. tells you that you crossed the line; nor do you have the right to say you didn’t know what was going on.

    I keep reading that ‘I don’t care who Kimmer is, I don’t care if she lied to get my money, I’M LOSING WEIGHT, — how cheaply do you sell your integrety? As my momma always said, birds of a feather flock together. . . if you don’t care about honesty and integrety and go along with bannings and censorship and LIES because it’s only about YOU and your weight-loss, then you’re right, say nothing about what’s going on because you and Kimmer are of the same ilk (well, except for the weight loss thing that is). Was selling yourself for 60 bucks worth it? Was losing some lbs. worth trading in your values, your dignity and your self-respect??

    There was a time when there were people and admins on here who had REAL values and cared for their fellow members; who tried to help and who tried to guide people not by threatening, but by advice and encouragement. . . I’m sure some still exsist, or maybe they have all left this desolate place (which is what happens when people are not ‘allowed’ to speak or think on message boards, or anywhere else for that matter). Like I said before, I’m not quitting or running away, if you want me gone then ban me. . . I will not be afraid to speak out against things that are blatently wrong, I will not be intimidated by fear.

    And for all those say I used too many Nazi references in regard to what is happening here: people being sent away, mass censorship, fear of speaking out. . . I just had to leave you with this:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out –
    because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –
    because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.
    Pastor Martin Niemöller

    Joined for $59.95.
    Banned for Member Complaints & TOS Violation (new TOS –can’t say ANYTHING, except WTG & Kimmer is a saint :))
    Asked for refund, but no response yet. . . think I’ll ever get one??? 🙂

  37. My screen names were katinsac/tinklc. I joined the Kimmer site when the WW magazine came out.
    I’ve been banned and want a refund. I don’t think we got anything we paid for and banning people for trying to help others if wrong!!
    Thank you,

    $60 NO refund

  38. I was finally banned today (TOS). I haven’t posted on kimkins in months (I was one of the original members) and have not been very active on anti-kimkins boards either. However, I am part of the “banta” group that TT has a lot of pent-up anger towards. I guess she finally put my screen names together.
    sward001 on kimkins
    $14.95 no refund

  39. I was banned an hour ago for ASKING for a refund. I sent a polite PM to Kimmer herself, asking who to contact as her diet put me in the hospital. I thought that a $59 refund was reasonable considering the thousands of dollars I have now spent on medical bills – not to mention what it has cost my health, which I can’t put a price on, especially at age 26. I have screen shots of the message sent…just for records sake.

  40. I was banned yesterday (TOS) for posting the red dress lady along with a warning on all the forums. It was quite exhilarating. I discovered last night that I was able to get back in, but can’t tonight. I was bbolerjack over there. I joined in June after reading the WW article. I didn’t post a lot. Stayed mostly in my challenge group, though I ventured out to read when I had a question. Haven’t been active since the first of August except to collect some e-mail addys of my friends.
    $59.95 No refund. Filed complaint with PayPal on 9/15. They closed the case saying it was more than 45 days after the purchase.

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  44. If you were banned from Kimkins, please email kimkinscase@gmail.com or prudentiablog@aol.com ASAP. Information is being collected for John, the attorney for the lawsuit.

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