The Kimpire Begins to Crumble

tv pic

Click image.  Watch video.  Enough said.  Be sure to catch the second installment tonight… BRAVO!!!!

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  1. KTLA News Exclusive! Internet Diet Scam Exposed!

    Here’s a link directly to the video:

    Here are the Private Investigator’s notes!!!

    Here’s the transcript from the broadcast:

  2. The Metamorphosis of the Kimkins Diet Scam

    When you go to, you will no longer see the “Lady in Red” or Kimmer bragging about how she created Kimkins and lost 198 lbs. in 11 months. So, if it’s not on the website, who can prove she ever said it?

    Just because you take something off your website, that doesn’t completely erase it.

    Check this out!

    Imagine that?! 😉

    Check out how the website looked in July of 2006:

    Notice she claims to have lost 160 lbs. in just 7 months? And that she went from 318 to 118 in less than a year?

    Back in the day, Kimkins was just $14.95.

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