Thin at what cost?

The recent flurry of attention paid to the KK low carb diet has raised the question—what will we pay to be thin? For some, this starts out as an initial lifetime investment: about $60. Now, compared to many weight loss plans out there, a one time investment is a very attractive prospect. What I speak of is only a monetary investment, though. What is the real cost of this WOE? It was reported on LCF this a.m. that a member posted about a recent trip to the ER with what she thought might be a heart attack. It was revealed that her potassium levels were dangerously low. Her question to the forum (specifically, the owner of the site, b/c it is on the “Ask” thread): how can she convince her doctor, with whom she has a follow up appointment, to let her continue the WOE, and is it possible that the diet had something to do with it? She wants to get back on plan, but is nervous about it. Nervous? She should be. Remember Terry Shiavo? Have we really reached the point that our long-term health, even our lives are less important than the weight we carry? Initially, this member paid $60. But consider what the ER charged her. And what her follow up costs will be. Not to mention any damage she might have done to her body that is unseen as of yet that would take more medical maintenance! Even if she escaped damage this time, is it worth it to continue to take the risk? My answer is a resounding NO! It most certainly is NOT!

Now, a poster a LCF did suggest that perhaps the KK post was a plant, a “bait” to see who would suggest that thin wins. Me? I’ve no idea. It is entirely plausible with everything that has transpired within this debate. What I do know is that over my health, thin definitely never wins.

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LCF not exactly unbiased…

What exactly gives over at LCF? There has been a lively discussion today about the Kimkins Exposed blog and whether or not the post about KimATC is warranted. Now? There are a total of 8 posts left out of that discussion. 8. The posts went from over 8000 in number to a paltry 7991 as of just a few minutes ago (1:33 PDT). One poster asked “What happened to all the threads?” and not a minute later her post was removed and she received, I am sure, a “friendly” warning message about the Terms of Service over at the LCF. What purpose does this serve? It definitely deflates the discussion, and hasn’t the discussion been productive? I certainly think so…It also prevents people from posting. I won’t post there. Why should I? I am an adult and refuse to have my hands slapped by the “friendly” admin over at LCF. What complete rubbish…I hope that everyone posting there sees, too, LCF’s hidden agenda: make more money. With all their imbedded post links, they stand to make a killing from the traffic generated by all the hooplah. Who suffers? Those of us who are just trying to eat healthier and find a way of eating to suit us. We are being blasted by BOTH sides of the fence, unable to have a true discussion of what is going on…

ETA: Just checked on the “thread” and the crickets are chirping…no new posts and lo and behold, the post count is down to 7987…my guess is that they are removing all links to blogs referenced…great comments, btw!

ETA: Apparently, LCF wants no posts regarding KimATC. Yesterday someone posted that Kim left a goodbye post in the “playground” area, only accessible to those who have 60 posts and 60 days. Then, the posts discussing it–deleted. Did LCF delete Kim’s post too? I wouldn’t doubt it, though I’ve no idea….

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