The Kimpire Begins to Crumble

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Click image.  Watch video.  Enough said.  Be sure to catch the second installment tonight… BRAVO!!!!

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Losing Friends and Gaining Self

There is much going on in the Kimkins saga–both on the inside and the out.  All superfluous, really, to the member at Kimkins, who believes invariably that this is extraneous to the task at hand–losing weight.  So, I won’t address all that here–there are plenty of blogs you can visit and use to catch up. 

 No matter where you are in your journey in weight loss and membership–whether you are a staunch supporter or on the fence–I want you to reflect on why you joined.  What were the influences that led you to click “join” on the site?  Then I want you to visit two blogs:



And then reflect on what type of person would have a problem with these two wonderful women and why.  It’s not a big leap. 

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In Response to Zebra and anyone else who wants to know….

Thank you for commenting. Interesting calling me a shock blogger. Hmmm…

I, too, have followed the diet plan with no ill effects. I did have a gall bladder attack for the first time ever last year, when following strictly, and the attack can be blamed on my lack of knowledge of my body, how it works, and the decision to eat a Filet O Fish sandwich with fries. I would never “blame” the diet. I wouldn’t agree that the diet is EASILY followed—I have seen MANY more people go on and off plan b/c it is a hard one to stick to through to the end, and I have seen many members beat themselves up for eating things that are GOOD for them—not to mention a bingeing behavior that even I can have a tendency to do more now than ever. I disagree that any doctor worth his/her weight in gold would say that 300, 400, 500 calories is a good thing on a long term basis. And here again, who cares if we debate the “guidelines” of this diet??? The guidelines have differed, changed, morphed, and have never EVER been consistent. Not when the founder of the site says you can fast until goal. Where is that in the guidelines? Moreover, How do you know that the mom knew what her daughter was doing? How does Deni? Did she talk to her in person? Assume everyone is telling the truth when they know they are doing wrong and you will be sorely disappointed. I don’t care whether her mom knew or not. I expected better from Kimmer and didn’t get it. I won’t support someone who throws tantrums over the internet by banning members for disagreeing or for supporting a teenager for eating less calories than she was already eating. IT IS IRRESPONSIBLE. THERE IS NO ARGUMENT OR DISCUSSION ABOUT IT. And I can’t support it.

I have been ultimately grateful for the weight I’ve lost and have said the same as you over and over and over again: The site is a private support network, not about one person. I have had maybe 3 questions answered by “Kimmer” in the course of the last 13 months. I’ve stayed in my support threads—bless them—and we’ve supported and sent cards and emails and supported some more. Well, Becky was one of those people for me. And if you’d been a member for longer you might feel a bit differently about her BANNING. She WAS the glue of that board. She wrote everything you read as a newbie. She genuinely is concerned about the members. Kimmer has proven—PROVEN—she is not. I would not do business with someone if I questioned their MORALITY and I seriously question hers so I no longer will visit the site. I have put off disassociating myself with the site because of my support friends, but if I have to go, it is on my terms. I have collected many emails, and am sure I can get the others.

To me, it really isn’t about the diet itself. I will educate MYSELF about the best way to do LC for me and my family, not take some persona’s word for it—a person who won’t post a picture of herself. (OR—if you actually believe the red dress story, waits until it is a perfect one—I don’t like pics myself but I have posted a few). It is about all the other stuff. I have a good idea and gut feeling about what is what, but it would be pure speculation at this point, and I will resign myself to be a spectator. I have a life outside of this drama as we all do—and it has taken too much time already.

I am so glad you said “Tell us who you are…” b/c after much thought, that’s just what I intended to do anyway…

To my KKs friends and Hotties—I hope we can meet up on another board and keep in touch—I want you all to achieve the lives you so deserve!

Love and health,
~kim~on~kimkins AKA hottieNtraining AKA justKim AKA ~k AKA specialK (the real one, not the rude one on JM’s comment blog) AKA rockinKim and on LCF jeajsmom…will be using KimPossible on blogspot and wherever possible.
ETA: I am KimPossible on LCF now, too…and I forgot but I have posted a few comments here and there under “joanne” b/c I didn’t want to be found out. I don’t care now. LOL–just wanted to be COMPLETELY honest. 🙂

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Becky was banned. She says: “I posted my email address on the site a few weeks ago, the first time my password quit working, in case I ever disappeared suddenly. If that cannot be found, I can always be reached here.”

Told you. Who’s the liar? Plain and simple. If she lies about this, what else does she lie about? Horses, people. Horses!

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